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    Ingenuity achieves the leader of automotive materials——Zhejiang Coptic


          After a rainy summer, the white dew moistens the clear autumn.

          With the coolness of early autumn, driving on the road leading to Zhejiang Coptic New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Coptic"). It is hard to imagine that a plasticizing company is located in this picturesque scenery. It broke the author's inherent cognition of plasticizing enterprises. Walking into Coptic, the neat office buildings and production workshops show Coptic's standardized, procedural and standardized management mode everywhere.

          Copt was established in 2014 as a professional manufacturer of modified plastic particles for automobiles. Its product categories include: thermoplastic elastomers TPV, TPS, TPE and modified PVC, engineering plastics ASA, PMMA/ASA, modified PMMA, PC/ASA, PC/ABS, etc., are mainly used in automotive sealing systems and automotive interior and exterior trims.

          Under the leadership of Chairman Wang Chunwei, Coptic has grown and grown, and has now become a leader in domestic automotive materials. When describing the development process of Coptic, Chairman Wang Chunwei said with great emotion: "The road to entrepreneurship is happy and difficult. As a material person, in this industry, it is a great challenge to make materials well. Especially for automobiles Materials and performance requirements are more stringent, and every technological breakthrough has turned into a force for me to persevere."

    Chairman of Zhejiang Copt New Materials Co., Ltd. Wang Chunwei

          Next, the author will take you to explore the leader of automotive materials - Coptic.

    Forging high-quality materials with technology as a blade

          As a plasticizing enterprise deeply rooted in the automotive industry for more than ten years, Coptic has always regarded technology as the top priority of enterprise development. From obscurity to fame, Coptic went through several important periods.

          First, the lifetime. At the beginning of its establishment, the company was small in scale and not well-known, so it was difficult for its products to be recognized by customers. Difficulty. At this time, Chairman Wang Chunwei changed his development strategy. He did not push the products to customers in a hurry, but calmed down and attacked technical difficulties. Only by being strong and solid can we create better products and get the recognition of customers." He said this, and he did the same. So far, with strong technical support, Coptic has achieved leap-forward development.

          Second, the development period. With the continuous stabilization of technical strength, Coptic's products have also been recognized by the market and customers, and more and more orders have come. The oncoming problem is technical certification, especially the Coptic micro-foaming technology, which not only ranks first among domestic counterparts, but also crushes many well-known foreign companies. Therefore, the certification of these technologies has also become an important step in the development of enterprises. Finally, extrusion grade micro-foamed TPV, extrusion grade TPV, injection grade TPV, ASA, PMMA+ASA injection bonded TPE, high-gloss PMMA+ASA, and flame retardant modified ASA series products have obtained OEM certification and application. It has established long-term friendly and cooperative relations with North American GM, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Geely, Changan, GAC, SAIC and other enterprises.

    Application cases such as car grilles

          Wang Dong proudly told the author: "Our micro-foaming technology has already been applied to GM cars, and now there are millions of cars running on the road. And so many domestic and foreign counterparts are on the same stage. Competition, as a domestic brand, we are able to get out of the lead, and this honor is not easy to come by."

    continue to innovate  

    PMMA+ASA shines

          From 2014 to 2016, Coptic has successfully survived the period of survival, and for the further development and growth of the company, it does not stop there. Copt has taken another new step. After the strategic decision of the team, they agreed that it is imminent to open a new factory. Everyone unanimously turned their attention to Xiangshan. In the end, 100 million yuan was invested, and more than 30 acres of new factory buildings fell to the ground.

          For a long time, Coptic has always regarded "innovation" as the core driving force for the development of the enterprise. Wang Dong said: "For us in the material industry, the most important thing is innovation, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of operation and management, and we must continue to innovate. Look to the future."

          With the development of the automobile industry, in addition to the development of new energy technologies, the application of engineering plastics is also moving towards low carbon and environmental protection. Due to the lightweight of automobiles, the application of plastics in the automobile industry is becoming more and more extensive. How to make them achieve beautiful visual effects, it is inevitable to paint these decorative parts, but the process of painting is harmful to the environment; secondly, plastic parts are added. of recycling manufacturing barriers.

    Application of high-gloss spray-free materials

          To this end, Coptic has gradually conquered high-gloss paint-free PMMA materials. After 3 years of quenching, the PMMA material was finally formed, and mass production began in 2019. This innovative achievement not only conforms to the needs of the market, but also verifies the strength of the Coptic brand. The PMMA developed by it has high-gloss spray-free performance and can be used in automobile grilles, door pillar panels, rear-view mirrors, rear wings, etc. And the special spray-free feature achieves the effect of green environmental protection. Really save costs for customers.

          In addition, Coptic's ASA material is also a must. Compared with ordinary ABS materials, Coptic ASA materials are more weather-resistant, aging-resistant and have higher gloss. Wang Dong said: "Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, so the stability of products is required to be better and better, and Coptic's ASA material is significantly better than ABS in terms of aging resistance and sun resistance. , These innovative ideas and ideas are inseparable from the pioneering spirit of our team, which is also the core spirit of our Coptic." In addition to being widely used in the automotive field, this ASA material is also used in cameras, wind blades, etc. The application of outdoor products has also won unanimous praise from customers. Its high-gloss PMMA+ASA project won the second prize in the 2020 Ningbo Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

    Introduction of high-gloss PMMA+ASA

    using the scientific method

    Let the application of Coptic materials blossom everywhere

          Using scientific methods, ordinary materials can be made with special properties. This is the Coptic business philosophy. Seemingly ordinary plastics, through scientific technology, under the joint research and development of the Coptic team, achieve excellence. This is also the magic weapon for Coptic to take root and blossom in other fields besides the automobile industry. Such as: small household appliances, electronic products and other fields have been able to see the figure of Coptic materials. Coptic uses the spirit of craftsmanship to make every material perfect. From research and development to production, through the detection of the central monitoring platform, every step of the process is accurate.

          Today, the society's demand for materials is endless, and this kind of ingenuity is an indispensable quality for an excellent chemical enterprise.

          [Editor's Conclusion] The ancients said: "Industry is good at diligence and diligence, and action is achieved by thinking and ruined by following." With the concept of "being diligent and down-to-earth and thinking about innovative management", Coptic has achieved a step-by-step transformation and established a new benchmark for the industry. The road of development is as vast as the sea, and Coptic is like a galloping war horse, fearless and galloping toward the farther and higher goals.

    24/7 customer service hotline
    108 Dongpu Road, Chengdong Industrial Zone, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province
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